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Work From Home Wellness Tips

Environment is changing at a rapid speed and the most dangerous threat we’ve been suffering from for almost 2 years is the Covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic has changed various things in our life and working from home was one of the most viral trend in pandemic.  However, work from home has become employees’ first choice now, and some of them find it more productive their self at home, but some of the employees don’t agree on this. According to 50% generation working in a company, says office working hours taught them they’re working and after office hours they can feel relaxed but while doing work from home, it’s always working hours. And this feeling cannot feel at home. 

Every individual personality has own pros and cons of working from home. Some find it helpful and some may not. Work from home has become a choice and needs both, but your work should not be compromised. Whether you’re doing work from home or office work, make sure you invest 100% in your work.  

As per the study, we found that every individual has to face lots of barriers while doing work from home and that’s stopping them to become more productive.  And this also happens with our own employees, and that’s why, we collect some wellness tips while doing work from home that helps you to boost yourself, become more productive. 

Here are some work from home wellness tips you can follow to stay healthy and productive at home.  Additionally, we will continue this trend of sharing wellness tips for remote working.  

Tips to stay well while working from home 

Organize Your Home Office 

Do you have a separate office room in your home for work? It is likely possible that you have your separate room for your work and some may not have their own separate room.  And to work calmly and with full focus, it’s important for you to organize your home office. 

For example, it’s important to work in a stable place. Make yourself comfortable and focused while doing work. No matter where are you working in your house, but it’s important that you have a stable place in your home for work

Get dressed like you’re in the office 

To get the real office vibe, it’s good to be dressed in the morning like you’re going to the office. But it really doesn’t mean that you take your launch box and carry a laptop bag. Just wear a normal shirt and pants, and start working. It will boost your confidence and energy.

Keep yourself away from noise 

We can’t say that if you’re working in an office you will get the silent place, but still while doing work from home, you may notice lots of voice that disturbs you.  To avoid the unnecessary sound that irritates you, we recommend you use noise-canceling headphones. 

Keep your cell phone away

Annoying and disturbing things like your cell phone binging devices are gateways to distraction. To concentrate on your work, you should disable the notification of your phone for a period of time. If you’re worried you might miss something important, try disabling notifications on your Lock Screen but keeping them in your Notification Center.

Keep yourself active with daily exercise  

Remember, while working from home you don’t get to walk away more because that long way vanished because now you don’t need to follow that long away from your home to office. To be healthy on working from home, take exercise daily. Daily exercise has countless benefits. It boosts cognition, regulates mood, and promotes sleep, and on and on. Every day, try to get some exercise, even if it’s just a short walk around the block.

Take Rest or Break 

Rest is very important to keep yourself active.  When you’re working from home, make sure to schedule your rest and break timing and get complete rest within that time. Your body may get stuck with work and it needs to be relaxed. In this rest timing, you can do your favorite activity, you can sleep or you can talk with your beloved one to refresh your body and mood. 

Prepare work segments

Overwork or multi-tasking may not good for you.  We recommend you block part of your day for deep work and another part for meetings and administrative tasks. Set a timer for 90 minutes or try the Pomodoro technique (25 minutes on, 5 minutes off) to help you focus on one item at a time when you’re heading down.

Unplug yourself 

It’s really important that when you’re taking a rest you keep yourself away from all the work notifications.  To stay well, it’s important, no matter, where you are. If you’re on the vacation or having a fun time with your friends, and families, try to disable your work email notification completely if you’re office team is comfortable with it. Taking time to truly disconnect will make you more productive over the long haul. 

Move in every 30-minute 

Sitting for long periods of time is not good for your health, so get up and walk around every 30 minutes or so. Remember, when you’re shopping for a desk or chair, you should buy a standing desk for yourself. Get the latest deal on Amazon for every type of office furniture at an affordable price. 

Stay Hydrated and Energetic

Make sure you get plenty of water and meal throughout the day. Carry a water bottle with you, just like you would at work. Set reminders to remind you to drink a few sips. Take your lunch break on time and try to have a little bit of snacks in the meantime.

Schedule Working hours

These wellness tips advise setting some boundaries for your work because making yourself completely free will not let you do your work properly. Therefore, there should be the perfect time to start and end work from morning to evening. Scheduling your time while working from home will help you to work with more focus.  When you’ve scheduled your work, don’t forget to tell your manager, co-workers, and family.

In a Nutshell 

If you’re working from home, try to make things as simple as you had in the office. Like everything was scheduled in the office, and don’t make it messy when you’re working from home.  Also, take yourself out and take time for yourself and do exercise, sleep for a while, take a tea break, and do anything that helps you to feel relaxed, because a fresh mind is the only way to find something fresh for creativity and innovation.

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