Come a step forward to become an Affiliate of Minds Insider.

Learn the best way to make money with a good commission. Join Minds Insider’s Affiliate program and earn upto 70% commission on each referral today. Perform and earn!

Become an Affiliate

Be one among Minds Insider’s Affiliate.

  • 20% commission per sale
  • High performance, high incentives
  • 180 days referral period
  • Localize landing page
  • Tracking –cross device
  • Management for affiliates
Become an Affiliate

How to get started?

All you need is a website which got good amount of online visitors and a strong desire to make extra money.


Join through , the applications will be processed and once selected will be short listed to send affiliate links through email. Join Minds Insider Affiliate program for free!!

Create Contents

Write quality blogs & articles on topic related to Minds Insider products. Get a good rank on Google and drive more traffics.

Showcase the affiliate links

The banners and the links must be displayed in the articles that you will create or on the social media to drive sale.

Gain Commission

With each and every sale that you initiate will bring a commission of 20%. Boost your performance and enjoy the benefits without any limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the affiliate program helps you to be a partner of Minds Insider with the benefit of earning through commission from 20% upto 80% on the product that you refer to your audience. In this program MI offers an effective tracking platform to its members for better analyzing. It also provides banners, logos and affiliate links for advertising the MI products.

“Be a partner, earn and analyze better!”

All about MI affiliate program

  • Referral period: cookie duration -180 days
  • Commission: 20% to 80% depending on the product & sales generated each month.
  • Confined Landing pages through affiliate links
  • Best tracking platform for tracking sales, commission earned and more.
  • Committed affiliate management.

There is a simple way to become an affiliate for Minds Insider. You just need to click on the button to become the affiliate, fill few questions in the application and wait for its approval. The team will get back to you in 48 hours.

Once you get approved, the team will forward you with the banners, logo and affiliate links for your advertisement. Even you can come forward with your creations but it needs to get approved first before uploading it.

There is a well developed tracking platform for all the affiliates where one can get every information to serve the questions that they have in mind. Like tracking, payments, and more.

Once on filling the application for affiliate program for earning 20% upto 80% commission and finally on getting approved. The team will furnish you with the banners, logo and links for advertising Mind Insider products and services on your desired platform with creative and attracting contents.

And thereby helping you to make a good benefit out of the program.

No, there is not a single penny that will cost you to join the Minds Insider affiliate program. Therefore wait no more and fill the application to get started with your earnings 20% to 80% commission on MI products.

The MI Affiliate program is designed to help you gain commission from 20% to upto 80% on the products of MI through your creative advertising on different platforms like website, social media, blogs, newsletter etc.

The benefit is gained once the people you advertise to or refer, get engaged and finally make a purchase of any of MI products. Hence helping you out to gain commission depending on the products & sales made per month.

On ensuring a good check of the application, the team checks on the correct traffic information on your platform. It also looks for best marketing strategies made by you and if the platform follows all the terms and conditions so as to make sure to choose the correct affiliate for MI products which will not hamper its brand name & product in any way.

No, you can’t use any alter MI logo or name on your sites as these are updated most frequently to carry important new or new promotions. You can only use the approved creative given to you by the team of MI. You can even use some of your creative but it should be approved by the team first before its put to use.

You can earn a commission from 20% to upto 80% on the products of MI through your creative advertising on different platforms like website, social media, blogs, newsletter etc.

The commission depends from product to product and on the number of sales made per month.

There is a well developed tracking platform for all our affiliates where one can get every information to serve the questions that they have in mind. Like tracking the sales performance and the money earned as a commission from the sale of the products.

The payment will be made to you after every 15 days right on your bank account.

No, you can’t run any ppc campaigns no matter what variation or combination you use. In case of such campaigns ran by you, it will be taken as an violation of the trademark and therefore will result in the termination and ban of your affiliate program with MI.

No, you can not make any bid for “minds insider” or “” or any misspellings or other variants. These trademarks can not even be used in domain names, meta tags or links to MI website from PPC ads etc.

Yes, it is possible to make the promotion of MI products through the use of email/ newsletters. But keep in mind to mail only the subscriber or the consumer of your service that you offer. And also make sure that you do not message as “Minds Insider” for making the promotion and the recipient of the message should have the permission to stop getting such messages.

The commission of MI product ranges from 20% to 80% depending from product to product of MI and the number of sales achieved by the affiliates per month.

You can send only the traffic to our specific website landing page through the affiliate links. These links can be discovered in the tracking platform of MI.

Being an affiliate member, make sure to:

  • Add the link to your platforms within a week
  • Give visibility to the affiliate links through mentions or exposure.
  • The content on platform must be associated with the MI products.
  • Use only the banners and creative given by the team or you may make your creatives and make it get approved by the team before posting. 
  • Make good attractive and creative contents for MI products.

The most probable step after getting approved is to work on the creative content for the products of MI and advertise the affiliate links to get the commission on the audience purchase. Most of the successful affiliates of MI usually make a good review about the product for linking with the audience.