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Scan and Print More Efficiently on Your Computer

Get irritated from that low-quality Printing and Scanning on your computer, and it also breaking your problems in storing your document for a long time. Due to poor printing and scanning, printing or ink on a paper start going to vanish soon and after a time, it may possible that you see your paper only blank. So, this is important for you to use the best printing machine as well as use the best printer scanner software.  

For the best printing machine, we recommend you analyze properly the alternatives and choose the best one. You can find the various printer scanner machine online. And the rest is about scanner printer software, we will tell you one of the best printer scanner software that will help you to scan and print your documents more efficiently on your computer.  That one of the best printer scanner software is Scandie, Scandie is printer scanner software that provides high-quality printing and scanning service so that you can store your document for a long time. What we most like about Scandie is you can perform more than one activity without switching to different apps for multiple tasks. For example, with Scandie, you can print and scan your document, preview your document, edit your documents, share your document; save the history of your actions, and lot more you can do on Scandie. There are a lot more things that you should know to take a fruitful decision about Scandie. Read on.

About Scandie- Printer Scanner Software for Windows XP, 7,8,10

Scandie is Waredot’s recently launched software and Waredot says that Scandie is more than a scanner. Because, it just not makes your world paperless, but it also solves your other problems while scanning printing both.  Scandie comes with multiple features that help for performing different functions such as quick scanning printing, merging documents, easy sharing, quick accessing files, and history.  With Scandie, users will get the best editing features at a very sweet price. With Scandie, you can preview your document after scanning, and immediately if you want you can make the editing in the document. That’s how Scandie makes your editing on the scanned document easier and simple. Scandie comes with a free 30-day free trial facility and its paid version is also pocket-friendly.  Download Now Scandie and get a 30-day free trial.

Download Scanner Software: Scandie 

What does Scandie offers?

First of all, Scandie offers its smart features free for all users whether you’re using any device.  With this, Scandie provides you multiple features and makes your world paperless.  For efficient scanning and printing, Scandie is efficient printer scanner software. It reduces your time effort and saves money by offering you free scanning and printing experience.  Here are some features offered by Scandie, take a look.

  • Save your time, money and reduces your effort
  • Better data security
  • Improved Employees working together
  • Paperless management
  • Greener planet
  • Ease of Sharing
  • Access to files is simple and quick
  • Convert, merge and edit document easily 
  • High quality printing and scanning
  • Printing scanning without switching 
  • Record your actions
  • Imports and clean

How to Scan and Print More Efficiently with Scandie

Scandie makes printing and scanning easy and quick. It delivers a high quality of printing and properly scans the document to convert it better into digital form. Here’s how to scan and print more efficiently using Scandie.

Scan document

1.First of all, make sure to download and install the Scandie printer scanner software for pc. If you haven’t done it, click on the below link and download the scanner software.


2. Once you’ve installed the software on your pc, open the Scandie on your pc. Before we go ahead, make sure your Scanner is already turned on. 

3. Choose the document you want to scan and place the same on the paper feeder. You will see a message on screen on the scanner that says Document Loaded.

4. Press the Scan button on the Scanner.  Now, a message will display on the screen that says Waiting for PC. Open Scandie and select Printer scanner name and file type.

5. Once you’re ready, select the document and tap Scan button to scan the document. Once you’re done, click View to preview the scanned document.

Print Document 

1. First of all, make sure your printer is turned on.   Now, choose the document you want to print and load the paper.

2. Open or create a document to print on Scandie. Open Printer Properties dialog box. Select the Print on the File Menu in Scandie.

3. Select the Printer Name and specify the required print settings. Select the media type of the loaded paper in Media Type.

4. Specify the print quality, color, number of copies. Click Ok and click Print to start Printing.

Final Words

Hey guys! This was the guide about “scan and print more efficiently on your computer.” Whether you scan or print documents, they need to be perfect. Because a wrong document or little bit of misunderstanding can lead to big problems. Therefore, we have recommended the Scandie efficient printer scanner for efficient printing and scanning work. 

Hope you find it helpful.  Please let us know, if you feel any difficulty in using Scandie, our 24×7 customer support will always be there for you!

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