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Technology assistance is beyond our imagination. In Minds Insider, we explore the inspiring tech-savvy lives of a new generation. We make every effort to transform ideas into helpful products successfully.

We are "Mind-Insiders"-We are you "Customers"

The Story of Mind Insiders started in 2019, and now it’s a complete book that launches its new edition every year. Mind Insiders is an LLC-based company present at your service always. We, our developers, designers, coders, workers, and many other personalities and professionals in the team make it best to provide you an excellent experience of online services. Each individual of “Mind Insiders” are well adept and experienced in the particular field they are working in.

Evolving Journey of Mind Insiders Begins Since 2019

It was 2019; it is 2021, These 3 years as quickly passed like rain on the earth but added value to the economy as rain does in the field. Over these three years, an outstanding team of Mind Insiders has worked hard to enable it to provide multiple services all over the world. Today, Mind Insiders is leading online business services with aiming to reach each internet user in the globe.

For years MI has not only made its mark

But excelled at providing the best IT software services by touching newer milestones in creating better interactive and appealing website and software design applications. We work as per the customers expectations and demands and give lives to their imagination by our hard work and dedication. This is not true, only in the case of software development but the same is the fact with MI’s contributions in the Cloud computing and cloud storage market. We have an embellished history of serving clients with business, enterprise and home usage requirements for years in more than one continent.

Mantra We Follow

Our Mission

Upgrading life through technology, creativity and novelty.

Our Aim

We aim to be in one family with one goal and one destination to reach. And that is the success. We build bridges and held hands together to move forward with courage and innovation. We never fear the obstacle or for making mistakes because we love to come up with more dedicating and benefiting outcomes after it. We aim being an always humble, creative, determine and work like it’s the final round to our success.

Our culture

We build in the culture which comprises of transparency, connection, motivation, flexibility and progression. Thereby we come up with more ideas and innovation which “Makes Life Easy”

Our office

Minds Insider creates and design a variety of products and services that is used in every aspects of life. It is situated in countries like USA, Bulgaria, UK, Singapore, India & Ukraine. We have 100+ employees that works with lots of love and comes up with innovative ideas. The research and development is always on run and understands more about the needs. Hence Minds Insider always bring creative-innovation to your doors, first.

Code of conduct

Minds Insider holds the team by moral, ethical expectations with principles and standards that makes a defined and joyful working daily. It is created with the goal of exact ethical behavior that is expected from the team with less or zero mistakes. This helps in carrying the work with discipline and honesty.

Our Values to Our Customers

Our responsibility to our
community and dedication
to fulfill your needs

We have developed technology in a way that helped us contribute to society and makes life easier

Mind insiders come with services that help customers, and society in a variety of ways. Contribution to society is the result of each individual’s initiative that comes from society and contributes to society. Our enthusiastic supports in Mind Insiders devote their full effort to create software, products, services, and other online services to create an exceptional experience for our users. They make it easy to use, adaptable, and free to use. No matter, what’s your age, our product and services are for all ages.

In the rising technical world, cybersecurity is a gift package. Cybersecurity threat is the most dangerous peril a user has to face. Mind Insider’s cybersecurity offers comprehensive protection from different types of viruses, and malware. These online threats can cost you more than you think, and for a non-technical user, it’s really a big disaster. Therefore, our core focus is online life-is protecting customers from online threats and giving them a good experience for the positive feedback of our customers.

Want to Work With Us?

Minds Insider is a leading company that works to make life of technological or non-technological user easy at the work and personal. We aim at upgrading life through technology, creativity and novelty through a bucket full of applications like Waredot, Capebera, Playblin, Gaameo, Rescueit which creates a rainbow in the lives of people.

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