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5 Challenges of Working From Home

“Work from home” is everyone’s dream but it may not be easy for everyone.  If you’re doing work from home, I am sure you know it.  There is lots of challenges you have to face while working from home whether it is communication with your colleagues, understanding or explaining presentation, discussing ideas, chats, online meetings, or in-house distractions, these all break your focus while doing work from home.

Working from home isn’t meaning you can’t do great things, still lots of great things done. However, it differs significantly from both in-person and standard-issue remote work. During work from home, teams will have to reconsider everything from their schedules to their social contracts as people are spread across time zones and regions.  And these all changes arise lots of issues for co-workers, managers and etc. Here are some challenges while doing work from home.  

Fortunately, everything has a solution. Here are 5 challenges while doing work from home and how you can overcome them. We will continue this trend of sharing wellness tips for remote working.  

5 Biggest Work From Home Challenges and Tips to Overcome Them

For employers and employees, working from home created hurdles, but we know that these just are the phases of tough times, and that’s how we survive covid-19 along with our work.  Here are some work from challenges that every company has to face when work from home is on.

  1. Quality over Quantity Matters

If your employee coming office daily and attends every meeting and gives their complete time to the office, that may not enough for you, because the company needs results rather than employee attendance. These are the very basic things that employers are afraid of while allowing work from home that employee gives their full time to the work with the same dedication or not. 

Here, on work from home, trying to prioritize mutual trust and outcomes above attendance and activity-this is the best way to overcome work from challenge. And also you can start with goal setting.   Remember that always quality matters, not quantity, so instead of measuring how much stuff your team does for example 10 projects completed, you should measure the result you got from employee work, for example, employee get the renewal done from 7 clients).

  1. Balancing personal & professional life 

While doing work from home, you no longer have a clear geographic division between workspace and personal space. For example, your home is a place of relaxation, safety, and security. It’s a place where you can relax your subconscious mind, putting the stress of the workday behind you.  Working from home rips a huge hole in that clean mental division. Many telecommuters express their dissatisfaction with the feeling that they are never truly off the clock. They are constantly compelled to check email or complete “just one more thing.”

If you don’t understand how you can overcome this remote work challenge, we recommend you to set aside a physical space for working, separate from the rest of your home. Make a good vibe home office room for your working. It will help you to stay focused while doing work from home and balance your personal and professional life.

  1. Online Meetings

While doing work from home, online meetings have become the norm that should be done every evening. And this leads to many wasteful online meetings that negatively impact our well-being and productivity. However, online meetings play a really important role in working from home. Online meetings are good to communicate, discussing a problem, suggestions, or queries. Still, when it becomes the wasteful norm, it really got difficult to handle. Therefore, understand the problem, go forward, and try to solve most of the problems over email, cloud docs, or you can chat before reflexively scheduling a meeting.

  1. Communication challenge

While doing work from home, there is a lot of misunderstanding created while communicating with your colleague, or boss or communicating in that typical office group, because most work from home communication will happen in writing. Most office employee also uses some typical technical words or text that may create confusion or does not clear what you’re trying to say. 

Our recommendation is to reduce this work from a challenge, make sure to keep it simple. Being concise will help you avoid TL;DR. Assist other teams by documenting your work in an easy-to-find and actionable format. They won’t need to set up a Zoom conference or ping someone on Slack to gain context this way.

  1. Have patience and let them handle on their own

Work from home is new for everyone, for your employee, manager, and for your “boss’, too.  A human follows its habit and whatever he/she does regularly become their habit.  Everything takes time to adjust or shift, and that’s how behavioral shifts take time. And this is really true for large groups of people.  Remember, we all make mistakes as we learn to work digitally. And this is completely normal because things get better over time. Therefore, allow yourself and your teammates to make mistakes in order to learn from them.

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