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Makes Life Easy.

Waredot is one of the finest team that designs, develops software, applications for Windows and iOS devices. It has applications for providing the best online security, performance, recovery, scanning, updates and more. It offers a secure & reliable safeguarding against cyber-attacks with the advance technologies.


More than a Storage.

Capebera is one of the leading cloud storage that is strict with its security and easy-access from all the devices with single id. It offers cool features and tools for individual, freelancers and businesses. The workspace creation is unlimited and the sharings are more securer with password protection, link expiration, any size sharing, viewing without downloads and more.


Don’t stop the music.

Listen to free music without ads. Just sign-up for free and share your favorite playlist with your loved ones. Get the best and original searches of albums, tracks and new releases.


Play for fun.

Gaameo is the best online platform to play games like chess and more especially for computer users. Now relax in your free time.


Get expert answer & solution.

Tv, digital player, door alarm, gaming console, computer, and whatever electronic you use in your daily life. Try the best one-on-one contact with the certified expert without bearing the high service changes. Get expert answer for all your daily problems.