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Want to Change Your Career for Better Work-Life Balance?

Do you want to change your career? It’s not so easy to change your career, because there can be any reason behind changing your career. You may want to change your career for a better hike in salary, advancement, better opportunity or etc. There are various for an employee to change his/her career. 

Although, it has been that when it comes to changing careers, salary isn’t always the reason for a career change. Like, Americans, they prefer a better work-life more than money, and I think this is the biggest reason that’s why they get more productive.  However, higher pay came in second for wanting to make the switch, according to a survey by FlexJobs

According to FlexJobs survey of 4,600 workers about their careers and dream jobs, some people stepped away from the paid job due to the pandemic, on the other hand, the majority are ready to return, but not to the same career.  Among 4,600 workers, 68% of workers want to change their career, while 19% say they would think for a career change if they get the amazing opportunity. 

According to the survey, it has been confirmed (at least for now) that people want to change their careers for a better work-life balance more than money. The survey shows:

56% People want to change their career for a better work-life balance

50% People want to change career for a higher salary

This 6% difference indicates that a better work-life balance is worth more than money for an employee.

Be sure before changing your career

Career change is never too easy, and before you do so, you should try to figure out that a career change is in order.   Sometimes it may that a company is right for your career but your profile or designation may not be a good fit for you. In this case, you don’t need to resign from a company, you can talk to your manager and tell them the whole thing and they may help you in this or in changing your designation or profile. So, it’s good to analyze first what you want from your job and where you can get this, and how.  Here are some helpful tips for deciding whether or not you should change your career and when.

Explore yourself 

To decide a career change is right for you or not, ask your heart.  Explore what you want from your job or try to find things you’ve been dreaming about in your dream job. And once you are clear about your dream job now explore that are you capable of doing your dream job? If not, then you should work on yourself and your skills to make yourself capable to join your dream company, job, or career.

Explore your existing career

To enter into the same career, make sure you’ve completely explored your existing career.  Durand counsels suggest looking at three Cs strategies to decide if a career change rather than a new job in the same field is right or not.  Cs refers to Competency, Challenge, and Curiosity.  Here, how these strategies can help you to decide a career change:

  • Competency: The main skill required for the job
  • Challenge: Working out of comfort zone
  • Curiosity: Want to keep learning more and more

Look and decide if there is one Cs missing in your existing job, then you may be able to address it by looking for a new role within your company, in contrast, if it is more than that, time to change your career. 

How do you want to work?

Don’t let work design your life. Decide the other things of your life outside work and check what kind of work you want to do? How do you want to work and for?  There are some people who want to work always remote and some of them want office life. That’s why; freelancing has become the top-most earning platform. However, people do freelancing as part-time jobs.  

After the Covid-19 pandemic, there are various companies that offer work from home to all their new and old employees.  So, if you have dreamlike something this, try to find the best work environment for yourself. Like this, if you want to work for a particular, then prepare yourself for that company and apply for a job.

Share your journey with your friends or family

Make a list of people, friends, or family that comes first to your mind and ask them to meet. Connect yourself with them or with the person who most trusts you and tell them about your work journey and let them know that you are thinking about a change. Also tell them that you will keep posting about your company, or work life. And when you do so, you get the person who about your journey and your perspective towards your job. 

Doing so will get you comfortable with networking, and once you make a career decision, you may have someone to help you out. . That person can also suggest to you about changing career for better work-life balance or money.

Update your resume 

If you’re looking for a new career change, then your resume also needs change. Make sure that this time your resume should be stronger than the last time.  Otherwise, you may lose your new dream job. 

Here few things you should add and follow into your resume.

First of all, keep yourself ahead for your target roles at the top of your resume, with either a career highlight or key experience section.

Show your experience in the carrier highlights, if you have more than 10 years of experience and therefore have a two-page resume. 

Add and highlight your hard skills, such as computer software or financial analysis.  

If you’re pursuing any degree in the same or any field, make sure to put that above your experience section in resume.

Remember that company often filters resumes by keywords. So make sure that you naturally incorporate language from the job posting into your resume and cover letter.

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