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Waredot Announces Release Of RescueData 3 Step Data Recovery Software

Waredot is announcing the release of its RescueData 3-step data recovery software, a self-sufficient, universal recovery tool that helps users recover any type of data. The solution is featured at, and the video is at

Co-Owner Dipranjan Jana says, “RescueData is just three steps,” he says, “Click three times and your data will be recovered.” He adds that the solution is superior to other recovery software solutions currently on the market, in that, while they offer numerous features, those features come with complexity.

With RescueData, users can retrieve data from internal hard drives and SSDs; the tool also recovers data from SD cards and USBs, as well as recovering partition data. Additionally, users can scan and preview files, play videos, and view image thumbnails before recovering them.

RescueData recovers .PDFs, files, documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, images, videos, audio files, messages, and emails. “The beauty of RescueData is that people can save money by not having to buy multiple recovery tools for different recovery purposes.”

The three-step process is: select, scan, and recover. Start by selecting your drive. The software will show users the different types of drives, as well as specify their storage capacity and the storage presently free of space. The drives will be located under the heading “select a location to start recovering.” Underneath the drives will say “specify a location.”

Scanning time depends on the size and condition of the storage media. And in the recovery phase, all the data comes back. This step allocates all the files in the drive placed on the columns, specifically by file name, file path, size, and file. A circle on the screen will indicate the number of files found. It also indicates the percentage of scanning already completed.

Once users click “Recover,” the tool will ask the user to designate the location to save the recovered data. Users can use an external hard disk for recovery if desired. “The recover step is the most important one,” Jana says, “and it may take a long time, depending on the size of the data being recovered.”

Waredot is a software design and development company specializing in a full portfolio of solutions. Jana says Waredot is strongly committed to innovating technology solutions that make life easy. The company prides itself in taking immense responsibility of every detail for creating, designing, developing, and sketching disaster recovery plans.  “Our motto is we want to keep software and solutions simple, easy, fast, and trouble-free,” he says, “We are here to make your technical world easier than ever before.” He characterizes Waredot’s research team as brimming with imagination, in order to produce unique, interesting creations that clients can use effortlessly.

Waredot recently invested heavily in R&D in order to pioneer inventive, disruptive, customized software and solutions. “We’re projecting the release of 10-15 new, visionary applications by the end of Q1 2021,” he says, “and we expect to release up to 100 innovative softwares, applications, and solutions for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS by the end of the year.” More than 100,000+ customer currently use Waredot’s solutions.

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