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Rumors about MacBook Pro 2021

Rumors to release MacBook Pro 2021 including specs and features of Apple’s MacBook Pro 2021

Everyone was thinking that Apple unveiled a new MacBook Pro 2021 at the Apple Event on 14 September, but it didn’t happen and I didn’t expect it to. It is more likely that new Mac Pro 2020 will be launched in October or November 2021. Gurman Tweets, he expects that the new MacBook Pro and a new iPad mini will be presented at their own event and that’s Tuesday’s event is about the iPhone and Apple Watch.

In 2021, Apple has major plans for the MacBook Pro, including a redesign that would turn the 13-inch model into a 14-inch MacBook Pro and a new version of the 16-inch MacBook Pro. With this, there are also many more new features to the range, including Apple’s M1 chip-the M1X- and new mini-LED screen technology. 

 With the comeback of MagSafe and the removal of the Touch Bar, it also seems that Apple will remedy previous mistakes with the new MacBook Pro models. However, these changes have been rumored for some time, and now that 15 photos from one of Apple’s suppliers have been leaked following a ransomware attack, it appears much more likely. 

 A few weeks ago it was rumored that Global chip shortages could impact Apple’s new MacBook Pros, with DigiTimes suggesting that “Chip shortages may defer rollout of upcoming MacBook Pros.”

With this, there was also rumored that a new MacBook Pro is coming by the end of 2021: Apple has listed two new Mac models with the Eurasian Economic Commission. The ECC database lists two Macs and it is likely that these listings represent new 14-inch and 16-inch Macbook.

Apple new changes and advancement to MacBook Pro is really much a given. Apple’s M1 CPU will be really a well-added advancement to MacBook Pro. Multiple sources agree that there will be a new version of the CPU- and it’s also reported-the work in progress for the larger MacBook and possibly for upcoming new desktops. 

There are also rumors that the new chip will come in two variants, each having ten cores (eight high-performances and two energy-efficient), but with different integrated graphics core configurations: 16 or 32. On the other hand, The M1 features eight cores that are split evenly between performance and power saving, as well as seven or eight graphics cores. Doubling or quadrupling the amount of cores promises dramatically improved performance, which, when combined with MacOS’ tight integration, might rival that of a discrete AMD GPU. It’s also uncertain whether a separate GPU will be available.

When I Can Buy Them?

It is likely that you won’t be able to get one right after they’re announced, due to chip shortages. Earlier this month it was reported that the shortages would at least delay shipments until the end of October or early November. And those delays are also independent of production bottlenecks for Mini-LED-based screens, which may result in only a limited volume of laptops available in 2021.

What will be the price for MacBook Pro 2021?

There are reports of an upgraded model of a 16-inch MacBook Pro, but it is as same as a 14-inch replacement for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which could mean a 14-inch screen that fits into the chassis roughly the same size as the 13. This way of developing has also been seen in Windows laptops and the same approach Apple took when it transitioned from the 15-inch to 16-inch MacBook Pro models. If this would be the case, and if 14-inch uses a new panel technology as indicated by the rumors below, which would explain a price hike as well.

Most industry thinkers report that the 14-inch model will cost more than the 13-inch, starting at the higher end of the latter’s pricing range.  With the more expensive screen technology and current shortages, it wouldn’t surprise thing. This raises the question of whether Apple will continue to offer the M1-based MacBook Pro 13 as a lower-cost alternative.

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