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Brave browser launched Brave Talk- Private video conferencing

Brave did an excellent job with the Brave Talk features, making it the best privacy-protecting video conferencing solution available.

On September 22, 2021, Brave launched its first privacy-preserving video conferencing feature ““Brave Talk” to protect user’s privacy from all eyes.  Brave Talk allows users to make video calls without compromising privacy and signup required. Till now, Brave Talk has about 36 million active users, and the company aims to reach 50 million users this year.  It’s quite a big amount that helps to trust the reliability and privacy protection of Brave Talk. 

Video conferencing has become an important part of life especially in pandemics like Covid-19 when we all are doing work from home included the schools and institutions giving an online classes for studies.  Whether it’s a school or team conference call with colleagues or staff, video-conferencing needs privacy and Brave Talk is the perfect tool for all types of video-conferencing in offices, schools, institutions and etc. Brave did an excellent job with the Brave Talk function, making it the best privacy-protecting video conferencing solution available.

“Connecting with colleagues and friends through video conferencing channels is now the norm, and as users become increasingly aware of online privacy concerns, there is a growing need for a privacy-first option,” said Brendan Eich, CEO, and co-founder of Brave 

Brave Talk is a new addition to Brave’s suite of tools that provide no tracing facility.  Brave’s browser also includes Brave Search and Brave News that blocks the tracker by default.  Brave Talk does not steal your information and sells it to other third parties like other video-conferencing service providers. Brave Talk is a one-to-one video call and chat feature that allows users to enable multiple layers of encryption on calls, so eavesdroppers cannot steal your information like a conversation, images, and other activities.

Brave Talk formerly named Brave Together was in testing mode in May 2020, to provide the best privacy experience better than other video-conferencing service providers.  Brave Talk can be used in the browser without any login and extra apps required. Users can initiate a call directly through the Brave Talk desktop browser.  To initiate the call, just visit on Brave browser and can start call. 

Brave Talk is a free one-to-one video conferencing service offering unlimited call times, group watch, and YouTube live streaming for free version users. Users can access extra features like hosting calls for more than three or more people, call recordings, and calls with hundreds of people with premium version of Brave Talk for $7/month.  BraveTalk is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS users; however, android and iOS apps currently feature Brave Talk Premium. The company is deciding to launch the free version for android and iOS in the coming weeks.

How Brave Talk is better privacy matter feature

Brave Talk is a one-to-one video conferencing feature and can be used directly from the browser.  Brave talk does not save any information during calls like the other video-conferencing service provider. Also, Brave Talk does not require you to login or sign up for video calls, but still, if you sign up into Brave Talk, all Brave Knows is that you are authorized to use the service, not who you are. Brave says Brave Talk “ensures that we don’t know who users are and to whom they are talking.”  Unlike Zoom and other videos conferencing services, the company knows who you are when you sign in, Brave Talk, though, uses an anonymous credential system that keeps Brave in the dark about your identity, according to Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave.

Big competition to other video conferencing app

Brave Talk is perfectly designed to protect privacy better than existing options like Zoom.  Unlike Zoom and other videos conferencing services, Brave Talk does not steal and sell user’s information to others for making money. Brave Talk servers don’t save metadata, so calls, images and other information are never recorded or shared without user consent.  To create equals, Brave Talk free version for android and iOS app is coming in the next few weeks.

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